How do furnace electrostatic air filters work?

How Electrostatic Filters Work. An electronic air filter uses static electricity to give particles a positive charge as they enter the filter. This charge is released as the air continues through subsequent layers of the filter, and results in the particle ultimately getting trapped.

Do electronic furnace filters work?

Do electrostatic air filters actually work? Answer: it depends. Electrostatic air filter devices do work fairly well to filter allergens from the air, because they filter particles like dust, pet dander, or mold, which are the usual suspects when it comes to allergies.

How do furnace electronic air filters work?

As air passes through your heating and cooling system, the electronic air cleaner traps large particles (such as dust and dander) in a prefilter. Then, electrically charged filters attract and trap smaller particles (such as bacteria and mold) to prevent them from recirculating through your home.

How long do electrostatic filters last?

Instead of replacing it every three months, you just wash it out, let it dry, and replace it. These guys run anywhere between $30 and $80 and typically last around three years, although some can last as long as five.

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How often do you clean an electrostatic filter?

Many manufacturers recommend cleaning the electrostatic filters four times per year.

Do electrostatic air filters produce ozone?

Electrostatic air cleaners have two main drawbacks. First, they can produce ozone – a known lung irritant and asthma trigger. While many units produce negligible levels of ozone, there are some brands and models on the market that exceed government safety standards.

Is an electrostatic air filter worth it?

If you want to save money, time, and hassle of the air filtration of your home HVAC system, but don’t mind a slightly higher upfront cost, an electrostatic filter is might be the right choice for you. But, if you suffer from allergies or asthma, Simply the Best HVAC recommends a HEPA filter.

How do I know if my electronic air cleaner is working?

Make sure that the pre-filter is in the cabinet slot farthest from the furnace. With the access door closed, turn on the Electronic Air Cleaner and the system blower fan. If neon light is on, the Electronic Air Cleaner is working.

Why does electronic air cleaner click?

The occasional snapping occurs when larger particles are caught by the ionizer wires. However, continuous snapping is not normal and the Electronic Air Cleaner should be cleaned. Note that the metal electronic cells may have sharp edges. Wear gloves to protect your hands and use care when handling the cells.

What is electrostatic HEPA filter?

The True Electrostatic HEPA Filter is capable of removing 99.97% of fine particles of 0.3μm. The filter collects dust efficiently with electrostatic forces. It is not prone to clogging as compared with an unelectrified HEPA filter, which collects particles only by the fineness of the mesh.

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What is electrostatic filter for HVAC?

What Is an Electrostatic Air Filter? Like any filter, the electrostatic type removes fine particles and debris from the air. This prevents your heater or air conditioner from recirculating dust, pollen, pet fur, pet dander, microorganisms, and other minuscule debris around your home.

What is electrostatic filter material?

Electrostatic air filters use the naturally occurring phenomenon of static electricity to capture air particulates. These filters use combinations of polyurethane and polypropylene layers and filtration media, which generate static electricity by creating friction as air passes through the filter.

Can you put a wet filter in your furnace?

During normal operation, your air conditioner/furnace filter should always remain dry. A wet filter is inefficient and spreads moisture throughout your ductwork and home, creating the perfect breeding ground for mildew and mold.