Can my furnace have 2 filters?

Bottom Line: Putting two filters will not make it last longer but may make you have to replace it earlier, assuming it doesn’t already reduce air flow too much with just the filters.

Does my furnace have more than one filter?

Larger houses often have more than one HVAC system. Each system will typically have at least one air filter. Therefore, your home may have air filters located at the air handler AND in the returns. You should check each possible location to make sure you have found all of your air filters.

Why does my air handler have 2 filters?

Scenario 1: Your HVAC system has multiple return ducts.

This is the most common reason why your central air system has two air filters. … Having multiple return vents solves this problem, but it also requires air filters at each vent to properly filter the air and prevent particulates from getting into your fan motor.

Do I need both a furnace filter and a return air grill filter?

While many people refer to air conditioning and furnace filters as if they’re different, this is not the case. Your furnace and your air conditioning system use the exact same filter, so there’s no need to worry about purchasing separate filters for each piece of equipment.

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How many filters does central air have?

Why does central air have two filters? Central air has two (or more) filters because it’s important to clean both the air headed into the handler and the return filters that go into the system. Some homes, especially multi-level houses, can have several air filters, but they fulfill the same purpose as having two.

How many filters does a Trane furnace have?

I have a Trane XV80 furnace. Is there a filter in the furnace? I have two filters in the house but I thought there was one in the furnace compartment.

Furnace Filters for the Trane XR95.

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filter Size(s)
Upflow 21″ 17-1/2x25x1(side) 20x25x1(bottom)
Downflow 21″ Two 16x20x1

Can I stack furnace filters?

If you measure the filter slot, and it’s large enough to accommodate the thicker filter, then you can use it. However, if the slot is less than 4 inches wide, you’re stuck with using that thickness. What you can’t do is stack filters — use only one.

How often should I change the air filter in my house?

Here are averages that may help you know how regularly you should get a new air filter at your residence:

  1. Vacation house or one occupant and no pets or allergies: every 6–12 months.
  2. Ordinary suburban home without pets: every 90 days.
  3. One dog or cat: every 60 days.
  4. More than one pet or if anyone has allergies: 20–45 days.

Do I need filters in my return vents?

Your AC system should have a proper fitting filter on the return side. By placing a good fitting, high quality filter on the return vent, you will remove particles from the air before they can enter the AC system. A good filter will keep your air handling unit, coils, and ducts clean.

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Are furnace filters all the same?

No, HVAC air filters differ in quality and dimensions, and some have features that others don’t. In most instances we advise using the filter your HVAC manufacturer recommends pairing with your system. All filters are assigned MERV ratings, which go from 1–20.

Should there be a filter in the cold air return?

Should you use a filter in your return vent? For most homes, return vents filters are suggested. They typically won’t cause any damage to your HVAC system and are easy to install – there’s no need for an HVAC technician.

Do all forced air furnaces have filters?

Do all furnaces have filters? Yes, every furnace should have a filter. You can find the filter in between the return air duct and the main furnace unit.