Your question: What air purifiers are made in the USA?

Where are Honeywell air purifiers made?

Honeywell air purifiers (Made In China and Asia) have a very low air exchange rate per hour to keep living areas dust and allergen free, even in small bedroom areas.

Is Austin Air Purifier made in USA?

True Medical Grade HEPA and the addition of Activated Carbon and Zeolite in every Austin Air filter. All Austin Air products are made in the United States.

Is Levoit made in the USA?

Levoit is created and supported by a professional team of engineers, product developers, and support members. … The products are designed in the United States. Rest assured that LEVOIT always stands behind our products and customers, and we will take responsibility if your item has an issue.

Is Germguardian Made in USA?

Guardian Technologies, the company behind Germ Guardian, is based on Ohio, USA. For those who want an air purifier for mold problems, this one could be a choice for you.

Is Levoit a Chinese company?

Is Levoit a Chinese company? No, as Levoit is a California-based company. Their main office is in Anaheim and they are a US-based company. … Levoit has some units if you are looking for the best air purifier for 300 square feet, which is ideal for small bedrooms and offices.

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