You asked: Who makes Champion oil filter?

What brand oil filters does Champion Labs make?

There are just a few major oil filter manufacturers. Champion Labs makes OEM Motorcraft, OEM GM on some applications, AC, Valvoline, AutoZone and the Mobil 1 filter. Purolator makes the aftermarket MotorCraft, Group 7 and Mopar.

Who owns Champion Laboratories?

What brands does Champion Laboratories make?

That’s how we’ve become one of the industry’s largest private label automotive filter suppliers and a leading manufacturer of original equipment filters and aftermarket brands such as Champ Filters, Luber-finer (provider of premium heavy duty filters) and the fuel dispenser filter brand PetroClear.

Who owns Champion filters?

Champion Laboratories and parent company Pyroil are acquired by STP Corporation and racing enthusiast Andy Granatelli.

Are champ oil filters any good?

On the inside, the Service Champ is very much an economy filter, where every corner has been cut in order to reduce costs. Not only is this filter a poor choice for any oil change interval longer than 5000 km, but it will also do an inferior job protecting your engine during the time that it is installed.

Does Purolator make Motorcraft oil filters?

Motorcraft oil filter is a standard product for the Ford Motor Company, produced by Purolator Filter LLC.

Are Mobil Oil filters good?

Mobil 1 oil filters are fairly expensive, but their fully synthetic fiber elements do a much better job filtering small contaminants than the conventional paper elements found in cheaper filters. Despite their excellent filtering capability, these filters still flow well.

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Is Champion a private brand?

Champion Laboratories is one of the largest private label filter manufacturers in the world with global distribution for our customer and partners.