You asked: What are the different methods of preparing purified water USP?

Which methods are used to prepared purified water?

Purified water is typically prepared by ion exchange, reverse osmosis or a combination of the two treatment processes. Purified water is intended for use as an ingredient in the preparation of compedial dosage forms. It contains no added substances, and is not intended for use in parenteral products.

What is USP grade water?

3 USP grade water. … USP water specifications for pharmaceutical manufacturing are: resistivity = 1.0–5.0 MΩ-cm; TOC level < 500 ppb, and bacteria count <10 cfu/100 ml. Water quality requirements recommended for various pharmaceutical applications and operations are given in Table 3.7.

Why is purified water used in pharmaceutical preparations?

Purified Water is used as an excipient in the production of non-parenteral preparations and in other pharmaceutical applications, such as cleaning of certain equipment’s and non-parenteral product-contact components. … The source or feed water for the production of Purified Water is Drinking Water.

What are the different types of water according to USP?


  • Non-potable.
  • Potable (drinkable) water.
  • USP purified water.
  • USP water for injection (WFI)
  • USP sterile water for injection.
  • LUSP sterile water for inhalation.
  • USP bacteriostatic water for injection.
  • USP sterile water for irrigation.
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What is the USP monograph?

USP is an official quality standard for medicines marketed in the US. … Monographs articulate the quality expectations for a medicine including for its identity, strength, purity, and performance. They also describe the tests to validate that a medicine and its ingredients meet these criteria.

What can USP grade purified water be used for?

WFI is most often used as an excipient in the production of sterile products and other preparations when endotoxin content must be controlled. Examples are pharmaceutical applications such as cleaning of certain equipment and sterile product-contact components.

What is Demin water used for?

Demineralized water is often used to sanitize containers and equipment. It is also used in certain food processing applications, although membrane filtration is usually the technology used so organic material, bacteria, viruses, etc., can be eliminated.