You asked: Can you clean a Glowforge filter?

How do I clean my Glowforge filter?

Turn off and unplug your Glowforge Air Filter off before cleaning. Ensure that the Glowforge Air Filter is closed before cleaning; interior areas should not be cleaned. You can clean all exterior surfaces with a rag dampened with isopropyl alcohol.

How long does the Glowforge filter last?

The Glowforge tube is custom made – it’s 850mm and has improvements for longer lifetime and smaller spot size. It’s rated for 2 years, and the tube is covered under the warranty.

Why is my Glowforge not cutting all the way through?

Lens or Windows are Dirty or Damaged. Your Glowforge unit’s laser is powerful, yet it can be stopped by a tiny amount of dirt or damage to the lens or windows. If something gets between the laser light and your materials, they won’t cut through.

How often should I clean Glowforge?

After every 40 hours of printing, use ZEISS lens cleaning wipes (available on Amazon and many other stores) to clean the cameras, laser lens, and windows. This will keep your printer working properly and help prevent damage.

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