How do I turn on my Xiaomi air purifier pro?

How do I turn on my mi air purifier?

Then follow the detailed steps to connect Xiaomi smart air purifier:

  1. Power on the Mi air purifier. Connect the purifier to power source via its power cable, press the power key to turn it on. …
  2. Download & install Mi Home App. …
  3. Log in Mi Home with your account. …
  4. Connect Mi purifier via Mi Home.

How do I use Mi Air Purifier pro?

Connect the cable to air filter supply, which is in the bottom of the device. Then connect the device to a power supply. To install «Mijia» ( «Mi Home») application, find and download it from APP Store or scan a QR- Code. Open, click on «My Device» icon and add to your list of «Mijia Air Purifier Pro».

How do I reset my MI Air Purifier pro?

After replacing the filter, turn on the purifier, and press and hold the filter reset button for 6 seconds. A beeping sound indicates that the filter has been successfully replaced, and the filter service time has been reset.

How do I reset my mi air purifier 3h?

When the phone cannot connect to the purifier, simultaneously press and hold the On/Off & Mode button and the Display On/Off button for five seconds. Once you hear a beep, the purifier’s Wi-Fi has been reset successfully.

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How do I turn off my mi air purifier?

Press the power/mode button to turn on the purifier, and to switch modes. Press and hold for two seconds to turn off the purifier. Press the screen on-off button at the back of the purifier to turn the screen on/off. Information is displayed on the screen of your purifier.

Does xiaomi air purifier Pro have HEPA filter?

The Xiaomi Purifier Pro has an excellent way to clean the air using a three-layer filter. The filter contains the primary filter, the HEPA filter and the active carbon filter that filters hair and dust. Thanks to this filter, the Xiaomi Purifier Pro is also excellent for filtering very small particles.

How do I connect my mi air purifier to my Google home?


  1. Tap on ‘Set up device’.
  2. Open the Google Home app and tap on the plus sign.
  3. Tap on ‘”Have you something already set up”.
  4. Search for Mi Home.
  5. Sign into your Mi Account.
  6. The linking process will begin.
  7. Congratulations! The Mi Air Purifier is added.

How do you reset an air purifier?

Press and hold the Filter Reset button for 3 seconds when the air purifier is not on. The reset button will light up. 2. The Filter Reset button will turn off if you press and hold it for 3 seconds again.

What is night mode in MI air purifier?

Night mode lets Mi Air Purifier run quietly in the background, allowing you to enjoy clean air while you sleep.