How do I reset my winix air purifier?

How do I reset my winix air filter?

Filter Reset Button LED light indicates when it is time to change the filter. After replacing the True HEPA Filter, use a small object such as a paper clip, to press and hold the reset button for at least 5 seconds until the Check Filter light turns off.

Why is my winix air purifier blinking?

That light blinking means its time to change the outer black carbon filter or the white inner hepa filter. After youve changed these and to stop the light from flashing, hold the button down for 5 seconds and it will stop flashing.

What does orange light mean on winix air purifier?

The product is equipped with air quality sensors and indicators. Blue means good air quality, amber mean average air quality and red means poor air quality. Opening windows may bring in impurities and dust and cause the sensors to pick them up! Answered 1 year ago by Winix Product Expert.

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Why is my air purifier blinking red?

The light flashing is the filter indicator. Your filters need to be changed to turn the light off. The carbon filters, model HAPF60CS, should be changed every 2 to 3 months. The HEPA filters, model HAPF600CS, should be changed every 12 to 18 months.

How do you reset the filter light on an air purifier?

Pressing the filter change button for one second at a time allows you to toggle between the HEPA filter and Carbon filter icons in order to choose which you need to reset. Press and hold the “replace filter” switch for 3-5 seconds until you hear a beep. The “replace filter” light should shut off when it beeps.

How do I reset the filter on a winix 9500?

Remove the front panel and lightly vacuum the dust and odor sensors every two months. With the power on, press the FILTER REPLACEMENT RESET button and hold for 5-10 seconds or until the light turns off.

How often should I change my winix filter?

Genuine Winix replacement filter. For optimal performance, it is recommended to change the Washable True HEPA Filter once every 12 months.

What does the blue light on my air purifier do?

The ultraviolet light is absorbed by the filter, and visible blue light is emitted. This is the blue light you see when Molekule air purifiers are running. … While UV-C light can deactivate microorganisms on surfaces, it has little if any impact on microorganisms in the air, and can be dangerous.

Why does my winix air purifier go into sleep mode?

If the air cleaner possesses a light sensor, it automatically goes into sleep mode when it gets dark.

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Does PlasmaWave release ozone?

Winix Air Purifiers produce Ozone since they use PlasmaWave technology. PlasmaWave technology released charged particles called ions into your room.

Model Winix 6300-2
Emits Ozone? YES
Ozone can be Switched Off? YES
Maximum Effective Area 400 sq. ft

What does winix red light mean?

5300-2. 6. Air Quality Indicator. When on, the LED light will indicate the current indoor air quality according to three levels: BLUE (good), AMBER (fair), RED (poor).

How do I reset the check filter light on a winix PlasmaWave?

Press and hold the button for a few seconds. A short sound will be heard and the light will turn off. The REPLACEMENT FILTER INDICATOR will illuminate when to replace the True HEPA Filter when the front panel is back on the unit.

How do I turn off the light on my winix?

I purchased my model Winix WAC5500 True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology, October 02, 2014. However, 1. – PRESS & HOLD the filter reset button for 3-5 seconds. A short “beep” will be heard & the light should turn off.