How do I change the air filter in my Ruud?

Can I change my HVAC filter myself?

Purchasing a filter that is too small or large can result in gaps that let dirt, dust and debris through, which can burn out your HVAC system. … Once you’ve found your perfect filter, it’s fairly easy to change them, regardless of what type you purchase.

How do I change the filter in my air conditioner?

How to install your air filter

  1. Turn the unit off. Turning this off prevents the air from blowing dust and grit into your system.
  2. Open up your vent and remove the used filter.
  3. Make sure the Air Flow Arrows are pointing toward the HVAC Unit.
  4. Install the new filter and close your vent.
  5. Turn the unit on and you’re done!

How do I check my AC filter?

You can tell if you need to clean or replace the air filter by removing it from its chamber and holding it up to the light. If light can easily pass through the filter and it’s semi-transparent, leave it in. If it’s hard for light to pass through and it’s visibly dirty, change the filter.

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