Are Wix hydraulic filters good?

Are Wix hydraulic filters any good?

Wix makes a very good filter. … Wix has consistently been found to be a high quality filter with high quality components. As a hydraulic engineer, I have read the test data. I won;t bore you with the details but Wiz is a very good brand, much better than all of the different Fram oil filter models and most other brands.

Are WIX filters as good as OEM?

WIX Filters – Quality. When it comes to the aftermarket, quality is everything. Fit, form and function must be as good or better than specifications set by original equipment manufacturers. … In today’s global economy, however, meeting or exceeding OEM standards for fit, form and function are no longer enough.

Are NAPA oil filters made by Wix?

Napa “Gold” Filters are manufactured by Wix-The only difference is the paint job on the filter housing.

Where are WIX Filters made?

With deep manufacturing roots in Gastonia, N.C., WIX is a global company with manufacturing locations on four continents – including North America, South America, Europe and Asia. 2900 Northwest Blvd.

How long do WIX air filters last?

For this filter, 30,000 miles or every three years is the most common air filter change interval. If you find yourself in some of those dustier conditions we mentioned, a WIX premium air filter is the right choice.

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Are aftermarket air filters good?

However, independent tests have found that these aftermarket filters may provide little or no performance benefit, and some types of reusable filtration units allow more dirt into the engine. That dirt will get into the engine oil, and the abrasive effects can damage internal engine parts.

How big is a Honda oil filter?

There are two different sizes. Honda switched to the current 65mm size after using the larger 80mm through 2001. You can use both.

Are Wix oil filters made in China?

We have found locally, some Wix products with made in USA labeling. Wix has US plant locations in Gastonia, North Carolina and Dillon, South Carolina also, various foreign countries including China. …

What brand oil filters does Wix make?

NAPA Gold AND CarQuest Premium ARE the regular Wix. The lower series of NAPA are made by Wix, but are a little lower quality. The best have a Silicon rubber anti drain back valve, while the lower grades have a Nitrile rubber valve.